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​Vajdos Aviation
Flying V Ranch
Louise, TX


Vajdos Aviation

Maintenance Specialties

Pure Stearman Romance


Michael Sasser's Stunning Smokey Sunset

Vajdos Aviation is your one stop location for all your vintage aircraft needs.  Complete F.A.A. Airframe and Power-plant certified maintenance.  Facilities include climate controlled fabric hangar, paint hangar, and extensive vintage parts warehouse. Since 1985, The mission of Vajdos Aviation is to keep all vintage birds flying.  Vintage aircraft have special needs that our expertise and experience provide.


Complete Refurbish Facilities Available.  

​Turnkey Stearman Restoration available

We can take your Vintage Aircraft to Zero Time.  

Vintage Aircraft Annual Maintenance Available

F.A.A. certified Vintage Aircraft I.A.

If you don't trust our word look to our satisfied customers. Pictured Right; Michael Sasser's Vintage 450HP Stearman in the sunset.  


For more information Contact Robbie Vajdos  

(979)541-3321   or email